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This page last updated: 2001-3-5. (Some links not checked since 1999-12-2 though; please tell me if any don't work.)
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J. P. Gilliver's Bookmarks

newspapers and periodicals/news organisations
pictures/museums (+ see under `searchers')
television and radio (including some prog.s)
enthusiasms and interests (Archers under BBC [under `television and radio']):
  • movies
  • music
  • chocolate
  • Douglas Adams et al.
  • geek codes (odd codes sometimes seen in .sig lines)
  • amateur radio
  • secular issues
  • the English language, its uses and abuses
  • Coca-Cola
  • UK telecomm.s
  • anagrams
  • Oric (1 and Atmos)
  • Horizon (Blake's 7),
  • Family History Research Register

*** MISC *** -
  • (several) collections of pointers

  • UK National Lottery
  • Browser test facility
  • The square root of 4 to total accuracy
  • Family Life at the White House
  • one of the free Home Page suppliers (signup form)
  • the `Fixit' shop
  • UK Telecom Information Source

  • governments and departments
  • political etc. organisations

net commerce and companies: bookshops, bakers (no candlestick makers yet!), Coca-Cola, electronic cash, software, radios, highland clothing, Gallup, insurance, Fortnum and Mason, the AA, and others ...
searchers - all sorts of search (people, software, newsnet [including author], BBS, images), not just web pages!
BLIND (equipment, software, and organisations)
Earth and weather
HUMOUR: NZSO, Dilbert, and Tom Lehrer

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything

Adult material: I did have a link here, to some pages I had not visited for years anyway (just the usual sort of things a newcomer to the internet might investigate). Its presence here nearly lost me a friend, so it has gone. There's plenty on the 'net as it is.

For RHD-S  [a classicist I know]

A Roman Palace in ex-Yugoslavia
Labyrinth Library: Latin Texts
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page
Roman Law
A Private Library

EGYPT (for Richard?)

Egyptology Resources
Griffith Institute


The Theremin Home Page - Projects

Demon Customer Homepages