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The Internet Movie Database


(World-Wide Web Virtual Library)


Godiva Online Home Page

N. Hughes (Douglas Adams et al.)

geek codes [an explanation of those odd codes you sometimes see in people's .sig lines; n. b. may include things that disturb you - I take no responsibility!]

Index of /QRD/electronic/ sig-codes/

amateur radio (plus many links)
Web Virtual Library: Secular Issues

the English language - it's uses and abuses

alt.usage.english FAQ
EFLWEB Home Page
The Virtual English Language Center
The ESL Virtual Catalog
what a load of codswallop, pet! [UK «­» US dictionary]

Inert Net Grave Near Mars
A Word A Day


Joe Cool's Coca-Cola Galore
Wherever There is Fun

TIS - The UK Telecom Information Source

Oric (1 and Atmos)

http://www.ensica.fr/LOCAL/ORIC/BOOK/ contents.html
The Oric C Page (and more)
The ORIC page!
The Emulators Page!

Horizon (Blake's 7)
Family History Research Register