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Frequently, petitions and similar are reported as "having collected so many thousand votes". This only represents one side of the subject: without knowing how strong the opposing feeling is, the true public opinion on the matter can be misreported - and, decision-makers can be pushed into actions the majority don't actually want.
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A petition is arguably the modern version of the pitchfork-wielding mob; not, of course, that all petitions are of that nature, but it's very easy for individuals or groups to whip up strong feelings. When such a petition is launched, anyone who does not support the motion feels "locked out" - there is no simple and immediate way for them to register their opposition, which makes them feel frustrated. All they can do is try to set up a counter-petition, which (if done through the e-petition system) is liable to be rejected, or at least involves considerable delay, which gives unfair advantage to the original petition (which carries on getting votes in the meantime).
If you feel that something needs to be done about this, please click here [doing so doesn't commit you; there is a further stage]. (At present, this only concerns the government's e-petition mechanism.)
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